Metals for Engagement Rings

Ring Metals

Gold is the most common and popular metal used for diamond engagement rings. However, platinum and palladium are also gaining in popularity as alternative metals to gold for use in rings today.

Just like the diamond or other gemstone that you decide to mount on your engagement ring, the choice of metal for the ring depends on you personal taste and financial situation. But generally the metal you choose for your engagement ring should be pleasing to the eyes, compliment the diamond or whatever gemstone is used, and strong enough to hold the diamond or other gemstone without breaking from day to day wear. Just like gemstones, some metals are more suited than others for use in an engagement ring.

To help you make an informed decision when choosing between a yellow gold engagement ring, a white gold engagement ring or a platinum engagement ring, here are some distinguishing characteristics for the popular metals used for today’s engagement rings: Gold, Platinum, Palladium, Titanium and Silver.

Which ever metal you decide to use for your engagement ring, you should choose a metal that looks visually pleasing, that compliment the diamond or what ever gem stone you decide to use, that will be strong enough to hold up to day to day wear, and that will fit within your budget.


Metals for Engagement Rings

•    Gold
•    Platinum
•    Palladium
•    Titanium
•    Silver

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