Diamond Brands

Diamond Brands and What They Mean

With the breakup of the De Beers diamond monopoly, and the increased competition from other players like Argyle Diamond Mines from Australia, Ekati from Canada and the Russian United Syndicate, you will be seeing more and more marketing from De Beers and the other syndicates to convince the diamond buyers that their diamonds are better than their competitors’ designer diamonds.

Diamonds are one of the few products that simply cannot be branded. Even though there are different cuts, different grades, and different values placed on each and every diamond in existence, no diamond can really be claimed as any specific brand – with the exception of man-made diamonds. A diamond is a diamond no matter where on earth it is found, who found it or how it was found. Brand names applied to diamonds mean absolutely nothing at all. A Canadian diamond is the same as an Australian diamond or an African diamond.

If a jeweler tries to convince you into paying more for a designer diamond because it is a specific brand, move on to another jeweler. Every diamond syndicate will be selling great diamonds, good diamonds and not so good diamonds. Don’t let the new marketing onslaught that is to come convince you otherwise.

No matter what company’s label is put on the diamond, every diamond buyer will benefit from learning the basics of the four C’s and be able to recognize the quality of the diamond they might consider buying.

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